Albinizm Derneği

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Albinizm Derneği would like to invite you to join us celebrating the 4th International Albinism Awareness day together by participating in the following activities.
We are organising Awareness activities at 5 shopping malls around Turkey on 9-10 June weekend. For two days there will be stands at the malls with our volunteers to explain Albinism to the visitors, will give away white balloons and life-lets.
We are orginising a Family Picnic on 11 June in Istanbul. In the evening, dinner will be served to all participants. Due to the Ramadan, most of the ppl are fasting. We also organise in a way to support this.
We are participating Albinism Europe social media event #lookoutforalbinism. We already launched the campaign at all of our channels
We are organising a dinner and invited - health ministry, UN Turkey, some more important governmental institutes, Turkish albinism scientific committee members. This event to create awareness on the higher level of the country management.

For more specific details on these plans, please see our website HERE