UNESCO Headquarters

Monday, June 13, 2016

Location: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

This Day will be punctuated by several powerful moments. The idea being to favor respect for the rights of those with albinism, social justice, and equality in order to allow them to exercise their right to be entirely the citizens they are. This world also belongs to them, as well as their right to aspire towards a better future.

The screening of a film documentary, the colloquium and the lively debates by specialists in ophthalmology, dermatology and genetics, as well as the exposition, will all have the goal of making the public aware of and demystifying this genetic condition.

The works of art expositions and the stands will show the buried treasures in the heart and soul of our fellow citizens, in whom the desire which deserves to exist is, unfortunately, spent fighting against discrimination and marginalization. It will also be the occasion to discover or meet with the campaigning associations, the partners and the sponsors of persons with albinism, to find out about the different projects devised or already implemented to further the cause and make a contribution.