Hosted by: PodAlbino

Podcast IAAD Special


Wil and Flavio, 2 men with albinism have a YouTube channel / podcast featuring albinism and causes of people with albinism. 

On IAAD they will have a special session featuring other people with albinism



13th June 2021



4.00 pm Brazil time


Connection link:

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Hosted by: Grupo Mulheres Albinas

1st Albino Women Seminar


Women with albinism - get together, online via Google Meet for women’s conversations



17, 18 & 19 June 2021



7.15 pm Brazil time


Register between 28th May and 15th June here:

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Hosted by: IBM Corporation in Brazil

IAAD celebration at IBM Brazil


The event is restricted to IBM's Brazilian employees, but we will have external guests with knowledge and experience about albinism: Andreza Aguida, Dr. Ronaldo Sano and Dra. Renata de Nóbrega 



15 June, 2021 



11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Brazil time