Hosted by: ALBA

Campaign - “I look out for albinism”


ALBA promotes the campaign "I look out for albinism" (#MiroPorElAlbinismo) on social networks. The objective of this campaign is to make visible and support people with this rare genetic condition and convey the message that we care about people with albinism.


The campaign invites you to upload to social networks a selfie pointing to one eye with the text "June 13, International Day of Awareness about #albinism #MiroPorElAlbinismo #IAAD2021 #StrengthBeyondAllOdds



June 2021

Special coupon of the ONCE


ALBA has the honor to celebrate the IAAD) with the issuance of a special coupon of the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE), one of the most important entities of disability in the European context.


This year the ONCE has approved dedicating a special coupon to albinism for June 13. This coupon, which will be distributed by 19,000 vendors throughout Spain, will give albinism and ALBA great visibility.



13 June, 2021

Release a Manifesto


For the third year in a row, on June 13 ALBA will publish a manifesto that will be distributed through all its social networks and on its website, in which it will highlight the challenges still faced by all people with albinism in Spain, Europe and the world.



13 June, 2021